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Today is a day of victory for Sanne Jones.  She participated in the Sexy Fit Challenge and is now being announced, for the first time to the public, the winner of that challenge.  In only 45 days she lost 12 pounds and added new muscle to her body.  Her before and after pictures are very revealing of the transformation and she deserves her position as the winner.


Sanne is the mother of 2, and completed the challenge in spite of her husband having to be away for a good portion of the time she was engaged in it.  She will receive a cash award of $100.00.  She also received free copies of Body Mastery Without A Gym and Health Beyond Diet Dogmas prior to the start of the challenge, so she would know what to do. The cash award is not huge but the transformation is where the real reward is.  Congratulations to Sanne.


Also in the news, there’s a bill up for review that could help put natural health back into the mainstream of news.  For many years natural health practitioners have had to choose their words carefully when associating supplements and foods with an ability to cure or prevent disease.  The new bill, Free Speech about Science Act (FSAS), would allow health advocates to tout the benefits of nutrients that have shown success in healing disease, as observed in peer-reviewed studies.  Jason Chaffetz and Jared Polis have introduced the bill, also known as HR 1364


There are numerous studies demonstrating the reality of the healing and disease preventative aspects of many plants and supplements already.  It’s the wording of the medical laws that have prevented the public from having the freedom to speak freely about these facts, without the possibility of being charged with a crime (practicing medicine without a license).


If this new bill passes, it will put health advocates on an equal playing field with pharmaceutical advocates; and help to get the message, of the benefits of taking responsibility for one’s own health, out to the people in a much stronger way.


Regardless of what the outcome of this bill may be, it’s great to know the public is waking up on many levels; And that waking up has the potential to change life as we know it, in ways we may not have imagined.  You can help  this bill get the support it needs by submitting a prewritten email, at the following link, to your Congressman.  If you like, you can make the prewritten email personal or completely rewrite it.




I still remember my first life changing book on health.  Making Your Juicer Your Drug Store by Dr. L Newman, called out to me from a Ft. Collins, Colorado health store in 1996.  I answered the call and went on a 6 day juice fast shortly after picking it up.  The book and the juice fast changed my life, and I’ve continued to learn and be inspired by natural health, in a big way, ever since.


For some time, it’s been easy for Americans to believe things have been done in the best interest of the public.  We are, after all, the home of the free, right?  We escaped from tyranny more than a couple of centuries ago, so why wouldn’t we trust our government and it’s advocations?  How could it become tyrannical, if it stands for standing up to tyranny.  It wasn’t until fairly recently, in the big scheme of things, people really started to stand up and point out the flaws in the way things have been, and are being done; right before our eyes.


For a time, our own government taught us lead was safe.  Most of us know better now.  Now we’re learning that fluoride is seriously bad for our health on multiple levels but there’s still many people who haven’t been able to accept that, because it’s been touted as beneficial for so long.  The information available to us now shows that fluoride doesn’t even make a considerable enough difference in the number of cavities, it supposedly prevents, to even claim it actually makes a difference.  We now know the dangers of fluoride are so great that it makes no sense at all to consciously consume it.


We are exiting this old paradigm of believing everything we’re told we’re supposed to believe; And entering one where we search out the facts ourselves, from many sources, and weigh them against what are intuition tells us is true.  In this new paradigm, in the earthly realm, plants rule.


The time has come for fruits, vegetables and all of the plant kingdom to reveal their numerous benefits to the public, in a way our society has never known.  We live in a dark time in many ways.  Fukushima’s disaster is radiating Japan and anywhere else the wind or contaminated water takes the toxic chemicals, coming from the damaged nuclear plant.  Unfortunately we have some changes that are being forced upon us, as a people; Be they a result of our ignorance or our unwillingness to change before we have to, we’re being confronted.


In the dark hours of this great confrontation we are simultaneously seeing the end of the dark ages of medicine and chemistry.  Although there are some special interest groups, still lurking around, trying to prop up the falling walls, too many people have seen the light to keep it undercover anymore.  Many of us have the opportunity to be truly healthy, if we want to, and live a mostly pain free life, primarily free of disease.  This is the news of the day.  May you live an awesome life, and be the inspiration that fuels the less fortunate to live inspired lives, themselves.


To your best health and life ever.


Sye Rodriguez

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