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How To Keep Growing Even When It’s Hard!

The Magic Formula To Massive Abundance

Okay, so you want to be more Happy, have More Money and live a life that most people only dream of?

Or something like that…

To live a life that is Great, and feel GOOD is not EASY.  But.. You should go for it anyway, because the alternative is much more difficult.  What’s the alternative?

A life of Quiet Desperation.


So let’s get on with it.  How do you go from where you are now to where you want to be?  One thing is sure to make a BIG difference.

Become Accountable To Someone, or even Many others

Accountability scares me.  I am a responsible person, but I don’t like any more responsibility than I can handle.  The very thought of Accountability can stir up fears in your imagination about having to do something you are NOT sure you want to do.

But… I know a way to keep accountability simple, and it’s guaranteed to help you grow.

It’s about sharing yourself Authentically

That’s what I’m doing here now, and that’s part of why I make videos.  It’s a way of coming out of hiding.

But don’t be scared.  Although making videos is an Amazing way to overcome your fears and grow, you don’t have to share authentically through video.

If you can find one person you can share yourself with honestly on a regular basis, you have the chance to overcome yourself, and be that Greatest Part of Yourself.

Sharing regularly keeps you honest with yourself.  It also makes you more aware of how imperfect you are.

That’s one of the hardest parts.

When you really start to see yourself for who you truly are, you’ll probably only see the worst aspects of yourself, in the way they would be seen if they were put under a high powered microscope.  It can be terrible.

Here are Two IMPORTANT Things to Remember:

  • To others, you probably don’t seem as bad as you seem to yourself.
  • The reality is, You are the person you are, even when you are not seeing yourself for who you are.

The Second bullet point above is the more important one.  It doesn’t help to beat ourselves up.

What does help?

  • Focus on your Strengths and Build On Them.
  • See what’s working in your life, and make what’s working even better.

There you have it.  I hope this helps.  Be sure to leave your comments and be as critical or nice as you want to be.


Rich Deep


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