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How To Get Organic Fruit Cheaper

One great tip for saving money on your fruit is buying local and in season.  The best way I have found to get fruit in great quantity at a great price is by buying it from a fruit distributor.

On the western slope of Colorado in a town called Hotchkiss there is a company called Roger’s Mesa Fruit.  Their address is 9981 3100 Road, CO 81419.  They get all kinds of local fruits, including Cherries, Apricots, Peaches, Pears and Apples.

Fruits in the area Roger’s Mesa is located in have a snow melt run off water source, which is also a first use water source.  Pretty nice.

I bought very nice Organic Peaches from them this year for 1.00 per pound when the best deal you could find in any store was 1.99; And the store Organic Peaches were not NEAR as nice as the ones I got from Roger’s Mesa Fruit.

For a person who eats a lot of fruit this information is like Gold.

Roger’s Mesa Fruit gets some of their fruits from the following farms around the Gunnison River Valley.

  • First Fruits
  • Mesa Crest Farm
  • White Buffalo
  • Fortunate Fruit
  • Mountain Spirit Orchards



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