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How to Empower Yourself

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How to Empower Yourself


So you want to empower yourself?  You’ve probably heard about the law of attraction or read some book in your life that was very motivational.  Maybe those things worked for you and your always looking for new tools to help you along the way, or maybe you’ve tried a few things and they haven’t worked for you.  The method I’m about to share with you for making empowering changes is one that’s worked well for me; and I expect it will do the same for you.


Before we get into empowerment we need to be aware of the major opposition to us making positive changes in our lives.  It would be nice if all we had to do is think about something in the way we would like it to be, and boom, our life was renewed, just as we envisioned.  Although it’s a good start to imagine what you want, and for that matter, to even know what you want, just having the vision isn’t going to get us very far.


As you’ve probably discovered, as long as we’re only dreaming, we never really meet the opposition.  Once you resolve to take action, all of the trouble begins.  When do I start?  What about this or that?  Do I even have it in me?  What was I thinking; This is going to be a lot of work?  If those questions were all that came up it would be difficult enough to make big changes, but it can get a lot worse than that.


Your friends and family have learned to expect certain things from you, so they might not want you to change.  Resistance comes in every imaginable form to stop you from your empowerment.  We are not going to get into what’s stopping you, any further, for now.  It’s enough to know, Something is going to try and stop YOU; or anyone else who wants to make positive changes in their lives.  Know you’re not alone, and many others have made the kinds of changes you’re about to make in spite of the evil resistance.


Now that we’ve got the beast out of the way let’s get right down to practical application.  The force you’re going to use is the Power of Commitment; It will be your ally.  “Ally!?,” You say, “I’m not a committer.  This is definitely not going to work for me!”  I understand.  Hang in there for just a minute longer.  We’re going to use the power of commitment, but only for 30 days at a time.  If you don’t like the changes you make, you can go right back to being the way you were before.


30 day challenges are great for 2 major reasons.  The first one we already stated; It’s only 30 days.  If you’ve said you’d never do something again and failed, I can relate.  The thought of forever is enough to keep me from starting or stopping just about anything.  I’ve tried forever before, usually when I was desperate, and I almost knew I was going to fail from the start.


30 days no problem.  It’s like a good bet.  In fact, you might want to make a bet with someone, you can do whatever your challenge is for 30 days.  That will be another empowering reason, beyond the benefits you’ll get from the challenge, in and of itself, to keep you going.


The 2nd major reason 30 day challenges are so effective, is they really get you into a new habit.  Most people have heard it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.  30 days gives you all of that, plus a little extra time to solidify the new habit.  You’ll more than likely be pretty comfortable with your new thing after 30 days, plus you’ll be relaxed enough knowing, you can be done with it if you hate it.  Fair enough?


These 30 day challenges would be great, even if all they offered were an effective way to test out changes in your life, but they do more for you than that.  They build confidence in you.  Every time you complete a challenge, you may find yourself excitedly anticipating the next one.


In addition to the confidence you’ll gain and becoming more proactive, you’ll have all kinds of insights during the process.  These insights often lead to new challenges that benefit you in ways you least expect.  For example, getting up at the same time every morning led me to more consistently meditating, when I got up.


This more consistent practice of meditation wasn’t started as a result of a desire I had to be more spiritual.  The first few minutes of being up earlier at the same time everyday were so painful for me, that I just started meditating to bare the pain.  This helped me to bare the pain, and eventually I started to look forward to the meditation for other reasons.  As I continued to do it, I had additional insights, which led to trying different things in the meditations; which led to some pretty profound changes in my overall health and fitness.


That’s just an example from my life to accentuate the possibilities for you, the reader.  Something I can attest to with full confidence, is every challenge gets a little easier; Or it’s easier to take on more difficult challenges.  You can expect the same for yourself, and that is EMPOWERMENT.  Go empower yourself.


To your best health and life ever.


Sye Rodriguez


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To your best health ever.


Sye Rodriguez

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