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Green Natural Remedies

Green Natural Remedies

I was sitting here in front of my computer, not thinking of natural remedies, and it hit me.  How can I get the word about natural health out to more people in a fun way?  So this story about green natural remedies that your reading is an experiment I’m doing to see how I can spread this word about plant based nutrition.

Greens are good for you, right?  I can’t prove it, but I know a lot of Moms have said it’s true.  Well…I’m with you Moms!  I think greens are good for you, too; All kinds of greens.

So that’s where green natural remedies come into play.  Greens are natural and they are a remedy for at least a couple of reasons.

The first reason I think greens are one of the best natural remedies is because they are high in a lot of vitamins and minerals.  Vitamins and minerals are definitely a natural remedy to nutrition deficiency.  The word’s out, a lot of the modern day processed foods are rich in calories but low in nutrients.  Eat some greens and we can remedy that situation.

Before we get into another reason greens are one of the best natural remedies, we have to ask ourselves a question.

Do greens taste good enough for us to use them as one of our natural remedies?

Here’s where we get into the good stuff.  Green Smoothies.  You might like greens, but do you have the time to eat them?  A salad is good, but can take a long time to eat, especially if it’s a big one.  And some people don’t like the taste of greens or eating salads.

That’s why green smoothies are the answer for most people.  If you eat your greens in a smoothie with some bananas, it won’t matter much if you like the greens or the bananas.  The green smoothie, made correctly, makes the bananas and the greens taste good.

I’ll give you that correct combination in this post, but first let’s get another reason, greens make for great natural remedies.

Fiber….Greens are loaded with fiber, and they help to get things moving, if you know what I mean.  Eat enough greens and performing your natural body functions becomes a lot easier.

Greens are one of the best natural remedies, because they are loaded with Vitamin A, K and C.  They are also high in Magnesium, Calcium, Iron and many other trace minerals.  Magnesium is required for over 300 enzyme functions in the body, including every beat of your heart.  It’s also necessary for strong teeth and bones.

The darker the green, the more chlorophyll; The more chlorophyll, the more magnesium.  Greens are a super natural remedy for a fast food nation; and they’re great fast food in green smoothies.

Green Natural Remedies Smoothie Recipe By Sye Rodriguez

Take your favorite green and put it into a blender.  I like parsley.  Use from 1/2 to 1 whole bunch.

Add about 2 cups of water and blend nice and smooth in your high powered blender.  If it doesn’t blend smooth, get a new blender.

Now add 3 to 5 bananas and blend real smooth.  I know, it sounds like a lot.  Just try it.  Use good water.  It makes all the difference in the world.  Filter out the chlorine at the very least.

Drink it on an empty stomach.  You’ll digest it fast this way.  Don’t do this right after a big cooked meal or you’ll regret it.

That smoothie will sustain you for a good couple of hours or more.

Here are some of the other options for green smoothies as natural remedies.

Replace the parsley with the freshest looking greens you can find.  Some of my favorites are romaine lettuce, mixed baby greens, kale, spinach.  Once you’re not afraid anymore you can try replacing your greens with soaked seaweed, chlorella, or your favorite organic green powder.

Vitamineral Greens and Ormus Greens are a couple of my favorites.

Do you like greens for natural remedies?  I hope so.  If you like this natural health post show some love and hit the like button on this page.

Peace out and live life in good health!

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