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Earthing Premium Starter Kit Saves You Money On Earthing Products

The Earthing Starter Kit Did AT ONE TIME Save You Money On Earthing Products.

Times have changed since I originally wrote this article, and although the Starter Kit is STILL a great value, it DOESN’T really save you money on Earthing products anymore.  That’s actually good news, although it might not appear to be true at first; And I’m about to explain why.

BUT First…, If you don’t fully understand Earthing, it’s well worth your time to learn about some of the ways Earthing can benefit you by reading more about it at the links on this page.

If you do already understand Earthing, it will be good for you to read below to see what the Earthing premium Starter Kit includes, so you’ll know if It is the best product for YOU, for spending more of your time grounded; You’ll also understand why the starter kit no longer saves you money and why that’s GOOD.

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What’s included in the Earthing Premium Starter Kit?

  • The Earthing Mat, AKA Earthing Universal Mat with an Earthing Cord – You can see exactly what you get with an Earthing Mat Kit HERE.  Keep in mind the Starter Kit does NOT include the Mat Cover described on the Earthing Mat Kit page.
  • Earthing Bed Pad, AKA Earthing Half Sheet with it’s own Earthing CordAll the Details about the Half Sheet Kit can be seen HERE, and it’s the same as the Half Sheet that comes with the starter kit.
  • Grounding Rod – The grounding rod plugs directly into the Earth and you can plug your Earthing cord into it. You can also plug your cord into a grounded outlet of your home, as an alternative to using the grounding rod.
  • Earthing Continuity Tester – This device is used to make sure your Earthing product is conductive.
  • Outlet Checker – You use this device to see if your wall outlets are grounded.
  • The Earthing Book – The really cool book that’s all about physically grounding yourself and why you will probably want to do it.

Summing Up Why The Earthing Starter Kit Might Not Be As Good A Value As Buying An Earthing Mat Kit And Half Sheet Kit Separately

So… Now you know what the Earthing Starter Kit comes with.  Let’s look at the cost real quick.  Right now the Starter Kit costs 199.00, and you get the mat and the half sheet with the items listed above.  This used to save you a little more when the Earthing Half Sheet Kit cost was 169.00.

The good news is the Half Sheet Cost has dropped down to 139.00 from 169.00.  The Earthing Mat Kit costs only 59.00 and it includes the Mat Cover, which is not included in the Earthing Starter Kit.

So… for 198.00 you can get the Earthing Mat plus the Earthing Half Sheet, and you’ll even have the cover, which is not included in the Starter Kit, plus an extra Earthing book . (You could give the extra copy to a friend.)

So… you’ll save a dollar AND get a couple of extra items, BUT…  You’ll be missing one thing if you buy the Mat Kit and Half Sheet Kit instead of the Earthing Starter Kit.  That’s the continuity tester.  If you want to have that the continuity tester, the Earthing Starter Kit might be your best choice; and you can still pick up the Mat cover which the Starter Kit does NOT include for an extra 19.99.

In conclusion, if you want all the items we went over here including the continuity tester and the mat cover, buying the STARTER Kit plus the MAT Cover is your most cost effective choice.

I hope reading this made it easier for you to decide which Earthing package suits your needs best.

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