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Do I Like Psychedelic Drugs?

Today I Reveal My Mostly Secret Thoughts About Psychedelic Drugs And Confess My Experience

Although I’ve had experience with the Psychedelics I talk about in this video, my general thoughts are that I’m better off without them.  I like to have a clear mind, and be free from confusion.

I recommend getting your Highs from physical activity, laughing, good times with friends, music, being in a state of Grace ,and doing whatever it is that you love doing that is good for your health.What are your thoughts.

I’d love to here what you have to say about psychedelics, or anything related to what’s in this video in the comments below.

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  • wind ,

    I am really digging the wild backdrop! And I’m sorry it wasn’t a frog.
    P.S. Lots of very sane people have taken LSD. It’s okay.

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