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Csilla & Sye Fullyreal Show #8 Colloidal Silver, Forgiveness And Happiness

“Why Forgive?” And “Does Colloidal Silver Fight Infections?”

Why is forgiveness important for your well being?  I’ve found that I experience healing of myself whenever I’m able to forgive someone.

I’m not saying that you will be in a close relationship with people who have wronged you in some serious way, but the again, you might be able to reconcile your relationship to the offender and really have a great relationship.

The point I’m making is…  It does you absolutely no good to hold onto some negative feeling you have for someone else.  Holding this anger may hurt you physically and spiritually, and it requires energy from you to continue feeding this unforgiving state.

I say, take your energy back, and focus on the things you Want In Your Life.  It’s about becoming a better version of yourself all the time.

Forgiving others helps you to experience a positive emotional release, and it will also help you be more forgiving of, and less critical of yourself.  That’s a good thing.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe?

I’ve had lots of experience using colloidal silver and that experience tells me Colloidal Silver is not only safe but a super effective way to combat infections and illness.

I believe in taking responsibility for myself and I expect you to do the same thing.  If you don’t feel confident using colloidal silver and want your doctor to tell you what to do, that’s your personal choice and I recommend that if you are not the kind of person that is willing to accept responsibility for your own health.

The above being stated, my wife, our kids, and I have always used colloidal silver as an alternative to antibiotics and we are in good health.

We even used colloidal silver against a doctor’s recommendations to treat Ring Worm that was covering one of our son’s body, and it completely annihilated the ring worm.  We used it topically, mixed with Shea Butter so it would stay on the skin, and also gave it to our son internally.

If you are at all skeptical about Colloidal Silver, I think This Article will help clear things up for you.

I use 2 different brands of Colloidal Silver on  a regular basis, and I’ve done enough research to know that these companies make quality products.  They are Natural Path Silver Wings Colloidal Silver and Eidon Immune Support with Silver, Zinc, Selenium and Sulfer.

My most recent use of Colloidal Silver was to fight an infection on my foot that resulted from a blister I got playing soccer on a tennis court.  It got sand and dirt underneath it, then resealed itself, which resulted in an infection about 24 hours later.

I opened the blister, soaked it in hot salt water, and cleaned it very good.  I further cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide, then applied colloidal silver to a bandaid I covered the infected area with.

I changed the bandaid on a daily basis with freshly applied colloidal silver while taking the silver internally for 10 days.

What do you think of Colloidal Silver?  Ever tried it before?  What is your personal experience with Forgiveness?  Please share in the comments section below.

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