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Are You Making Deposits Into Your Health Account?

Are you the creator of your health or is that someone else’s responsibility?

Originally Posted January 31, 2011

What do you do on a daily basis to make sure your body is getting what it needs?  Do you think it makes a difference what you put in your body?

Surprisingly, there are people, who believe it makes no difference what kind of food they eat at all.  This is rapidly changing, as more people are waking up to the understanding of real health, and becoming aware of how doing different things make a difference.  It’s probably safe to say, anyone who really thinks about it, would admit they think different ways of living do make a difference to some degree.

Quoting Caroline Myss, PhD, from her talk called Energy Anatomy, “Our bodies are like energy bank accounts.”  For example, if we wake up feeling stressed, we have already used some of our credit up for the day because of how it drains energy from us.  You can go as deep as you want with this understanding and rearrange your life according to your new understanding, as to keep more of your energy and use it more wisely.

Today I heard someone use this analogy in terms of health and thought it would be good to share it.

Are you making more deposits or withdrawals on your health?  Are you getting a good sleep?  Are you drinking a healthful amount of water and making other choices which build on your health?  Or are you loading up on stimulants, like caffeine, day after day or doing other things that are like taking a withdrawal from your health account, leading to things like burned out adrenal glands, high stress and trouble sleeping?

So who is responsible for your health and is it a priority for you?  What can you do on a daily basis to start adding to your health bank account?  Little things done on a daily basis can help you to build your health up.

You can add a little to your account everyday by doing the following:

  • Take a few minutes everyday to take some deep breaths all the way down to the lowest part of your abdomen.  This fills the body with oxygen and helps you to gain perspective.
  • Be sure to drink good water.  The water at the tap is not healthful.  It contains chlorine and, often, fluoride.  Both of these chemicals can have devastating affects on your health.  Be sure to get a good filter, find a spring, or get your water from a place that has a filter that you can refill bottles with.  It’s important to make sure it filters out the fluoride and chlorine.
  • Eat more fresh foods.  Fresh foods, like raw fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and the best water.  They also provide plenty of fiber to keep things moving through your system.
  • Make a habit of thinking of what you’re thankful for, as this will help you to keep your stress levels down and remind you of what’s important.
  • Take a walk.  Getting out and seeing the world is stimulating to the mind.  Of course the fresh air is going to be very beneficial too.

There are so many things you can do to make a difference in your health and add to your account.  Start by adding good things in or doing things you know are helpful.  In addition, start eliminating the things you know are draining your account one by one.

Before long your health account will be filling up and you’ll be happy you took the initiative, as your energy levels build and stabilize.  You have the power to change yourself; and that change in you inspires others in ways you may never have imagined.

It’s your choice.  What will you do?

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