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Addict Breaks Silence

Drug Addict Breaks The Silence And Reveals Addiction

How To Transform Addictions And Improve Your Health At The Same Time

  1. The First Step Is To Make A Decision To Reduce The Amount Of Addictive Substances You Put Into Yourself.
  2. Second Step Is To Do Something Healthy Instead of Having More Of The Addictive Substance.
  • You know already that you are not going to feel better as a result of having the addictive substance again, so think about something you can have that makes you feel good about yourself and decide to have that instead.
  • Think of how the you feel in the morning after you feed the addiction more.
  • Now Think of how you feel after you’ve done something good for yourself.
  • You’ve got to understand that you can still have more of the addictive substance the next day, but it’s causing you pain to have more of it now.  Knowing you can still have it tomorrow, IF YOU WANT, will help you let it go today.

Do the thing that makes you feel good about yourself and contributes to your health.

Do you struggle with any addictions.  Please share your thoughts below.

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