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30 Day No TV Challenge Ended, So What?

Are TV and Movies BAD or Is NO TV or Movies The Real BAD?

Giving up TV for a month had it’s good and bad points, but over all, I’m happy I did it.

The truth is, I was very excited the day before it ended, knowing that I’d be able to watch again if I wanted too, and I do want to, but…

I did watch a little Amazon Prime Programming after I completed this video, and I’m happy to say it seemed pretty empty to me.

It’s kind of neat to see the kind of transformation that can happen in 30 days, even when it’s a tough challenge, which this was.

Not watching TV was the most difficult in the beginning, and I definitely went through withdrawals.

I was sad and a little lost sometimes, but I did do more of what I’d consider important as a result of not being able to tune into the TV/Movie sort of entertainment.

Time will tell if I will fall back into it, but for now I feel thankful.

I feel it’s fine to watch a little, but it doesn’t seem like a priority at all.

What’s your experience? Did you do this challenge too? Will you kill your TV or put it on an ALTER? : )

You can watch Part 1 of the Challenge, When it began, by Clicking HERE!


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