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Why I like Vitacost!

If you’ve landed on this page you’re probably wondering, Why Vitacost?

I’ll give it to YOU as STRAIGHT as possible.  They’ve got some of the LOWEST prices around on some of the THINGS I think you’ll like.  They’ve got MANY NATURAL and ORGANIC products and they’re always doing sales.

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What will you find at Vitacost?

You’ll find all sorts of stuff from Personal Care items to Natural Foods.  They’ve got a HUGE amount of supplements and many of them are GREAT brands.

There’s BABY toys and books, Laundry products, weight loss supplements, Organic Peanut Butter and Coconut Oil.  I could go on and on about all of the products you can find at Vitacost, but I think you’ll have a lot better time browsing there online shop than reading about them here.

Save up to 50% Everyday at Vitacost.com! Click Here!

You’ll find A LOT of THINGS you probably ALREADY use at prices that are LOWER than what you’re paying now, so go ahead and Have a Look Here!Book mark this page to EASILY reference current SPECIALS at Vitacost; and give some support to Sye.

What Are Some Of The Products And Brands I like at Vitacost?

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Products  Almost every ingredient used to formulate Dr. Hauschka products is organic or better.  In many cases they use biodynamically grown or wildcrafted ingredients.  The company uses only botanicals to preserve their products.  Dr. Hauschka products are known for having ingredients that perform particular jobs very well, and work together with the other ingredients in the products.

Eco-dent Gentle Floss Dental Floss 100 Yards  Eco-dent Floss is good for more than one reason.  I like the cardboard package it comes in.  Throwing the Eco-dent package away after the floss is gone is much better than having to throw away plastic that takes forever to break down.

The floss is also coated with Vegan Friendly Wax and a plaque reducing formulation made from essential oils and enzymes.

The benefits of using Eco-dent products have been extensively documented through university research.  In addition it’s probably the most economical floss available.

Nature’s Plus Vitamin D3  I like this Vitamin D3 for more than one reason.  It’s probably the most economical, Quality Vitamin D3 available.  It’s made from organic ingredients, most of which are foods, including organic fruits and vegetables.  It’s hypo-alergenic and gluten free.  The D3 in this Vegan D3 comes from a combination of 8 different organic mushrooms.

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