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The Power Of A Vitamix Blender

Do You Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Food?Vitamix 5200-black

If you answered YES to the question above, a high powered blender is something you simply must have.  I speak from experience and I own one of the best in the world.  It’s called a Vitamix and it get’s the job done.

Did you know BLENDING some foods can help you to maximize the amount of nutrients your body has access to? The reason blending allows you to get more out of your foods is related to how it increases the amount of surface area of the foods exposed to your digestive system.

When you blend greens and fruit in a Vitamix, you break down the fiber completely, allowing the maximum amount of exposure to your digestive tract.  This makes for a VERY Effective way of getting your Vitamins and Minerals from plants.

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