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Reducing Inflammation And The Earthing Connection

Reducing Inflammation And The Earthing Connection

Can a new understanding of science provide a way for you to reduce inflammation without drugs?  Earthing, a ground breaking health discovery, seems to hold the answer to this question.

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If you suffer from inflammation and the pain it often comes with, you’re not alone.  Once you really start to understand chronic inflammation, you might get the impression it’s the cause of many of the diseases so many people suffer from; In reality that might not be far from the truth.

Although there is a lot more to be learned about inflammation and it’s relationship to disease, we know that chronic inflammation can lead to some diseases; and is associated with many.

So What Exactly Is Inflammation And What Causes It?

Inflammation is a condition created by the body to defend itself, referred to as an innate immune system response.  Whether it be pathogens, an injury or some type of irritant, the body knows it needs to set things straight.

Acute Inflammation serves the purpose of setting the healing process in motion, by bringing plasma, containing nutrients hormones and white blood cells (leukocytes), where they’re needed.


There are a number of different types of these white blood cells.  Their main jobs consist of breaking down materials and cleaning them up to be removed from the body.  They are like the clean up crew which also kills enemies before cleaning them up.

What we’ve described is the normal function of inflammation, known as acute inflammation.  It’s only when the inflammation doesn’t go away that it becomes a problem.


Low grade inflammation, also know as chronic inflammation, is inflammation that hangs on and causes many health issues.  It’s become an epidemic in our modern society.  Questions needing answering are why does inflammation become chronic, what happens as a result and what can you do about it?

Inflammation can become chronic for a few different reasons.  When it comes to pathogens being in the body, the inflammation can continue if the body is unable to completely break down the invaders.

Low grade inflammation can also result from eating certain foods or over eating.  Things like trans fats and refined sugars act as irritants to the body and set the inflammatory response in action.  If lifestyle habits are causing the inflammation, the inflammation persists and becomes chronic.

Once the body has entered a state of chronic inflammation it becomes a cycle that’s difficult to break.  One of the reasons for this is directly related to free radicals.  This is where Earthing can help, but first let’s understand this process a little better.

Free radicals are released during the inflammation cycle, in order to help kill harmful pathogens.  That’s good, but if the free radicals aren’t neutralized, they go on causing damage to healthy tissues.  It’s like a loop.  The free radicals cause damage, creating inflammation, releasing more free radicals, causing more damage, sustaining inflammation.

Inflammation, Oxidative Stress and Free Radical Damage are all related.  If you’re body can’t overcome the free radicals, chronic inflammation and a number of health problems ensue.

The body can create a lot of scar tissue, as a result of creating excessive connective tissue where it’s unneeded.  Lot’s of cells and tissue can die, which in extreme cases, can cause the need for parts of the body to be amputated.

Some diseases related to inflammation are Atherosclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac Disease, Autoimmune Disorders, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Asthma, Hypersensitivities, Acne and Cancer.

Earthing Reduces Inflammation

The answer to excessive free radicals, resulting from chronic inflammation, is Earthing.  When a person connects directly to the earth, free electrons instantly enter their body and begin to neutralize free radicals.  What’s great is the supply of these free electrons is unlimited.

Earthing also has a number of other healthful benefits.  When you get grounded, your blood changes; it becomes thinner.  This allows for better circulation, which helps your body to get nutrients and other materials wherever they’re needed.

People tend to sleep better when they’re connected to an earthing device.  Many also report feeling better in general and having more energy.  When it comes to understanding what Earthing can do for us, I think we’ve only begun to scratch the service.

A number of studies have already been done, by Clint Ober, the discoverer of Earthing; and the results are sure to draw attention from all ends of the earth.  You can listen to an audio of the Earthing book Here!  It’s free to listen to and it’s sure to change your life.  Not a joke.

All you have to do is get barefoot outside on the earth, and you’ll begin to benefit from the healing free electrons.  What I do, and you can too, is sleep on an earthing sheet.  There are a number of different earthing products you can get grounded with in your home.

Grounding Sheets have a few sub categories and they all give you the same benefits you get from standing on the earth barefoot.

Earthing Recovery Bags are sheets you can get inside of like a sleeping bag.  You can unzip it and lay it across your bed for more than one person, if you like.

Earthing Fitted Sheets come in several sizes, ranging from a twin all the way up to the king size.  You can get An Earthing Bed Pad as well, which is a half sheet that can be laid across the bed.  It should be placed wherever you’ll get the most skin contact with it.

An Earthing Mat is great for using when you’re working on a computer, or sitting anywhere.  You just place your bare feet on it and you’ll start getting the benefits of Earthing.  You can also cuddle up with, or sleep on the matt if you like.

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