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Jim And Carol’s Earthing Story

A Real Story About Grounding

Are you asking yourself if this thing called Earthing is really all you heard it was?  Can it really reduce inflammation and naturally thin the blood?  Can it make a difference in your health at all?

These are good questions, and you’ve come to the right place for an answer.  The couple in the video on this page happen to be my own Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim.  They provided this testimony so others could know the reality of what Earthing can do.

Watch and listen to their testimonial below; or read on, if you prefer to read.  The volume in the video is low, so you’ll want to turn it up to hear what they have to say.

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Once you really understand the power of Earthing, it’s not hard to believe what kinds of benefits a person can experience.  Most people are skeptical, to some degree, when they first hear about Earthing and that’s understandable.

There’s so much hype around a lot of products, that are not all they’re made out to be.  Earthing is different.  In the coming months and years the word about it will spread rapidly, as it has already started to reach a broad audience.

Have you ever been barefoot outside, and thought it feels like it’s good for you?  Most of us have thought something like this; but if you’re like me, you probably didn’t think too much about WHY.

Now, science has revealed beyond any doubt that being in touch with the Earth creates significant changes in our physiology.  What’s revealed in this video, although profound, is typical of what happens when people start getting grounded on a consistent basis.

Jim and Carol’s Earthing Story

I, Sye Rodriguez, am a health fanatic; and I’m always using myself as a guinea pig to see which natural health lifestyle practices actually work.  My Aunt and Uncle have been a lot more skeptical than I about these practices.

Earthing was something they learned about from me, but it was one of the things they weren’t sure about at all.

It took them about 2 years after first learning about Earthing to try sleeping on an Earthing sheet.  It wasn’t long after they began using it, they became true believers in what grounding yourself can do.

It was only 2 days after they began sleeping on their grounding sheet, we got a call.  They  wanted to meet with my family right away to tell us some things about their experience.

We met with them that day and were pleasantly surprised at what they had to say.  They were very excited; Especially my Uncle Jim.

He told us how he was able to stand up straight for the first time in a long time.  He could bend over and pick things up without any pain or discomfort.  My Aunt Carol and a friend of their family even noticed his posture change, and pointed it out to him.

Uncle Jim had been taking Ibuprofen on a regular basis and now, about 2 months later, he hasn’t taken any since the first night he began sleeping grounded.

His first golf game this year, he noticed he could play better; he could make a full hard swing and it felt comfortable.  He also used to feel stiff and sore after a game; and now he can play without feeling beat up after.

For years my Uncle Jim has had pain in his elbows, hands, back and knees and now he says there might be a little pain or discomfort, but it’s only a fraction of what it was before.

He describes what Earthing has done for him as incredible, and makes the point, it’s the only thing that could be making the difference, because he hasn’t changed anything else.

If you haven’t done so, I recommend watching the video on this page to hear the testimonial about Earthing, directly from Jim and Carol.  You can tell what you’re reading here is not hype when you listen to their story.

If anything I’ve understated their excitement here.

How will I know if Earthing is working on me?  This is a frequently asked question about the benefits of Earthing.  The answer is different from one person to the next.

It’s pretty typical for people with arthritis and pain to notice a difference quickly.  Some people say their pain is diminished as quickly as 20 minutes after they get grounded.

If you are already extremely healthy, and you feel pretty good in general, your experience will probably be a little more subtle.  Don’t let the subtle differences you feel be mistaken for a placebo effect; Earthing creates real changes in your physiology.

The biggest change I’ve noticed personally is more sound and restful sleep.  I can feel my breath deepen when I lay down on my grounding sheet at night.  There have been some times that I’ve been away from home, without an Earthing device, and that’s when I feel the biggest difference.

Getting used to sleeping grounded has become normal for me, so I know what it feels like.  When I sleep ungrounded, I can feel the static on my body, whereas before I never understood what that feeling was.

These more subtle changes are what you might expect, if you already feel good and only want to add more healthful practices into your life.

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