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Earthing Questions Answered

Earthing Questions Answered

Shop Earthing.comFrequently Asked Questions About Earthing.  It’s my intention to answer as many questions about earthing as I can.

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Q. I’ve heard that Earthing can help with pain.  Is that true and how does Earthing help?

A. When you get grounded, your body receives free electrons from the earth.  Earthing is grounding in the sense of physically being in touch with the earth; Bare feet or other some other part of your body in contact with it.

When you receive the free electrons, your body has a physiological response that reduces inflammation.  This may be part of the reason earthing reduces pain in the body.

You can also get grounded indoors with a number of earthing products that connect you to the ground.  These devices reconnect you to, and bring your body to the same electric potential as the earth; as if you were physically touching it.

Q. Can being grounded every night with an Earthing device be too much grounding?

A. Absolutely not.  Our bodies only absorb as many free electrons as we need at any given moment.  The earth’s endless supply will keep us perfectly supplied with these electrons as long as we are in touch with it.

Being in contact with the earth is the natural state of being.  In modern society we have insulated ourselves from the earth, almost completely in some cases.  Being barefoot outside or connected to the earth with earthing sheets at night allows us to receive the benefits of Earthing longer; increasing the benefits.

Q. I use an earthing bed pad for sleeping on and haven’t really noticed any difference in how I feel.  Does that mean I’m already healthy enough?  Is it possible the don’t make a difference for me?

A. You could be very healthy already.  If you’re not feeling any major difference, it doesn’t mean Earthing isn’t doing anything.  As long as you are grounded you are receiving beneficial free electrons from the earth.

What’s known about these electrons is they work like antioxidants.  Antioxidants connect to damaging free oxygen and stop it from aging cells.  Ever watched an apple turn brown after you’ve bitten out of it.  That’s called oxidation.

Antioxidants stop the free oxygen in your system from aging your cells by bonding with them.  Many of the healthiest people in the world use Earthing to optimize their health and remain more youthful.

Q. Does Earthing lower blood pressure?

A. Although their are no huge scientific studies confirming it, many individuals have reported a decrease in their blood pressure after they began sleeping grounded consistently.

It’s worth taking your blood pressure several times before you start earthing to get a good idea where you are at.  After you’ve been earthing for a week or more, take your blood pressure several more times and see what the changes are.

(We’d be happy to hear from you with any reports you have about changes you’ve documented after using earthing products.  If you’d like to give us a testimonial we’d be happy to post it on our site.  Just use the contact form on the website to get in touch with us.)

Q. Are there any health concerns for people who are grounding themselves?

A. As far as what has been observed and studied so far, it appears individuals only benefit from earthing.  It is true that Earthing makes your blood thinner.  If you are on blood thinning medication, you should speak with your doctor and see if they advice getting off of the medication or reducing the dosage.

Q. I’ve heard that Earthing has an almost immediate effect on physiology; Can you explain this?

A. When the body comes in contact with the earth, either through direct contact of your bare skin to the earth; or through an Earthing device, it immediately absorbs free electrons from the earth.  These electrons moving into the body have an effect on the body referred to as the straw bed effect, in the Earthing book.

The electrical potential of the body becomes in sync with the earth’s electrical potential.  This action has an immediate effect on the autonomic immune system; which can change brain waves and muscle tension.

Within about 20-30 of being grounded the earth’s free electrons, having a negative charge, have a chance to bond with free radicals involved in the inflammatory response, which are positively charged.

It is believed, the reduction of pain reported by participants who have been Earthing for this period of time, is a result of the destructive action of the free radicals being halted by the negatively charged electrons from the earth.

Help us get your Earthing Questions Answered by posting them in the comments section; or through our contact form.  We also want your testimonial about how Earthing has benefited you, so please let us know.

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Q. Can Earthing Help You Recover Faster From Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness?

A. Click Here to read about how grounding might help speed recovery form exercise.

Let it be known to the reader, the statements made about Earthing here are not intended to be, or replace, medical advice.  Please consult your doctor with any type of medical concerns.

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