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Website Building

Do you want a website, but don’t know where to begin?  Do you already have a domain(site) name, but don’t know what hosting is or how to get your site functional.

I have some ideas for you.  The first thing you need to do if you want a website name but don’t know how to check to see if it’s available, is go to a website hosting service and find out if the name is taken.  There are a lot of hosting services out there.  The one I use at the time is called Godaddy.  You can Click Right HERE and go directly to the Godaddy’s sight.

When you go there you’ll find a box to enter the website name you want; Enter it with no spaces.  If the website name you want is rockyourbody.com, enter rockyourbody.  If it’s available as a .com it will tell you so.  If it’s not available as a .com it might still be available as a .net, .org, etc.  Once you’ve found a name that you like and is available, you can lease that name from godaddy or another hosting service.  I recommend you check out some other hosting services and what they provide before making a purchase.

Once you’ve paid for the name, you’ll have the choice of having some level of hosting service, which will cost you so much per year.  I pay close to $100. per year to godaddy to host all of the sights I need.

Once you’ve got your hosting plan, you’ll need to have a web designer, or design your own website.  The good thing for you is, there is software to help you with your website.  Dreamweaver is something a lot of people use.  I personally use iweb from macintosh.  It makes most things simple enough for me.

Although I’ve built my website, up to this point, with my iweb software, and I’ve done a pretty good job for doing it all on my own, I am considering to get help from a company called Site Build It.  They are a hosting service that does a lot more than hosting.  According to the information I’ve read on their site, it seems like they might replace other services people often use to help build their website.

Some of the other services people generally use with building their websites are autoresponder email services and shopping cart services.  If you have one company to do all or most of these things for you at a reasonable cost, you might be better off.

I know some other people who recommend Site Build It, and they are people I trust.  Site Build It, offers a free trial period to test out their product and see if it works for you.  If you try them out and have success with them, please let me know.  I will also keep you posted on whether or not I try their service, and if I do, Ill let you know by linking the story to this post.

The main reason you might want  a service like Site Build It, is to help you save time and money.  Trying to  figure out all of the ins and outs of internet marketing yourself is not an easy job, and I’m still working on it myself.

Whatever you do, remember their is work required to make a profitable business.  Make sure you pick something you are real interested in, so you’ll want to stick with it.

You can read a little more about Site Build It by clicking Right Here.

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