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Free To Live

Originally Posted On 12/25/2010

Sexy FitHow many people have felt or said the rich are evil or greedy?  Who has thought the people with wealth are somehow robbing the poor?  Who has wanted the government to step in and make sure it’s fair for everyone; that no one can get to far ahead of the lowest level in life.

Who is a communist?  A communist is someone who believes it is okay to do anything, be it lying, cheating, robbing, misleading; as long as it serves the agenda of communism.  What does communism benefit?  It benefits a few people who rule the masses.

So many people have thought about some idealistic way of life, in which everyone shared everything equally.  I have to admit, it would be so nice if everyone were sharing and no one had to wonder about their own security.  Maybe someday, by the grace of the Most High, we will live in a world where all people, by choice, will serve and love their neighbor as they love themselves.  Until that day what should we do?

Should we surrender our Sovereignty to an institution outside ourselves, giving all responsibility to it for our well being?  Should we allow the medical society to tell us what we need to do for our health, as dictated by a sick doctor?  Where should we look for our security?  Who should we blame if we are not secure?

If I am a rich man should you be envious?  Should you take my riches and distribute them to the poor?  Am I a wretch if I have money or deal in commerce?  Should we blame the prosperous for our demise?

Should I join a committee or activist group which has made signs for me, saying what the committee wants me to say?  Should I question their intention or who arranged them, or blindly stand with them for their purpose?

Who would live in a small space with another person who took advantage of them for everything they could?  Who would stand by and let another take everything from them?  Who would work all day and give their earnings to a thief instead of their children?

What is big government besides a thief of the poor?  Who is behind big government?  Who in that government is not working for themselves and their family?  Who gives them their position and pays their bills, but people who really work?

If someone makes a lot of money and they work all day long to get it, should they have to distribute it equally to the rest of us?  Should they be ordered under force to give a percentage of their earnings to the less fortunate?  If someone gives because they are forced does it make them a respectable person?

If you had a large sum of money and you wanted to share it with everyone you met, and you were planning how you were going to go about it in secret; then received a phone call from a government official letting you know they were aware of your earnings and were going to have to take most of those earnings, and distribute them how they saw fit, because it was unfair for you to have more, how would you respond?  Would you tell them you had already planned to give it away and you new how you were going to do it?  Would you plead with them to let you do it your way, or would you just give in?  Would you be angry and resentful, thinking it should be your choice to decide how you would deal with what you earned?

I don’t know about you but here’s what I feel.  If I had the choice of being homeless in the city with my wife and kids, while a bunch of super wealthy capitalist were flying jet planes around the world, I would choose it over a government forcing those capitalists to give me some of their money so I wouldn’t have to be homeless.  In fact, I would bet those same capitalists would be more than happy to help me out by giving me a job to get off of the street.

I would rather live in a society where government is invisible accept in the places where the government really is the people; and those people being ones providing a valuable service for the rest of the people.  I’d rather have the chance to bake cookies and sell them on the street than live in a society where the FDA will allow giant companies to put  all kinds of poisons into our food supply but restricts the activity of anyone who would compete with those big businesses, to the point of making it illegal to have a bake sale, under the guise of it being dangerous to the public because it’s not regulated.

I believe in people; even the very worst of us, gangsters included.  What more is a big government than an out of control group of gangsters; Gangsters that put all of the other gangsters out of business?  They call the common man a terrorist so they can disarm him and make him defenseless against their tyranny.

They call a person who would stand up for truth a conspirator or crazy person.  They tell you and me what we can and can’t think, while pretending they are protecting everyone and making life fair for the masses.

I think it’s time for us, the people to take back the government from the thugs; from those that stand against freedom.  From those who wish to govern your very thoughts and feelings; Those who wish to make sure you only speak with people in a way that won’t interfere with their agenda for you and the masses.

We, the people, need to talk with each other.  Turn off the so called experts on the T.V. and refuse to listen to their news.  Turn on youtube and listen to the people; the common man.  Find the experts among the common men.  The ones who are not associated with CNN and Fox News or any other bought and paid for source.  Listen to the people and don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Say NO to the bureaucrats who want you to listen.  Turn them off.  Live your life the best you can and be a great neighbor.  Do your part to help where you see a need, and be tolerant of people who haven’t developed the compassion you have.

Don’t let a few elitists around the world tell you what you can and can’t do.  Your only responsibility is yourself and those you can manage to help.  If you are not harming anyone else in some very obvious sort of way, you are free, and should be free.

Should the animals of the forest be put into stalls and made to sleep under a roof with four walls?  Should every animal be told where it can and can’t relieve itself?  Should we force the animals into institutions and imprison them if they don’t behave in a way we define as normal?

Should we be forced to send our kids to government run schools so they can be programmed to do exactly as they are told, and think only what they are told to think?  Education is essential, but what kind of education?  Are you a terrorist if you don’t get vaccinated?  If you eat the way our society tells you to eat then maybe getting vaccinated is a good choice for you.

What about the people who are healthy?  Should they be made to pay for health care they don’t even want to have, which probably would make them less healthy?  Should anyone be required to live their life like a herd of cattle?  Who gives any man authority over another?

The only authority a man deserves is the authority people give him/her, as respect because of the authority used in his/her own life over his/her own desires and selfish wants.  A man/woman gets respect when they respect themselves and others.

Let all people be free to live among others free.  Live in a way you believe and pray that others will make good choices as well.  Talk with other people.  Share your thoughts  with compassion and acceptance.  We live in an imperfect world.  People need education and they’ll get it by watching you be the amazing person you can be.  They’ll respect themselves and others more when they see you respecting yourself and others more.  They’ll take responsibility for themselves when they see you taking responsibility for yourself.

Live the dream.  The United States is a place where that dream still exists.  Let’s keep it that way.  Let’s keep it for the people who know what we have.  Change because you want to change, and you can say you did it.  With the grace of God, of course.

With great respect and Love,

Sye Rodriguez

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