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Can Marijuana Cure Cancer?

Can Marijuana Cure Cancer?


The video, Run From the Cure, can be viewed above this aritlce.


Could the illegal plant marijuana contain a substance that puts cancer into remission?  A man by the name of Rick Simpson says it can, and it looks like he’s got the proof.  He has a following of people testifying, his hemp oil is the reason their cancer is gone.  We’re not talking about the hemp oil that comes from the seeds.  The oil referred to is, the THC containing extraction, from the marijuana buds.


In the video, Run From The Cure, written and directed by Rick Simpson, Rick shows how to make the medicinal oil from the marijuana flowers.  He states in the video that smoking marijuana is not going to give the same benefits of ingesting the oil.  In the case of basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer, the supporters of the oil claim the cancer can be put into remission by applying the oil topically, for as little as 3-4 days.  If it really works this could have dramatic effects on the cancer industry; Effects the cancer industry may not be so exited about.


The cancer industry benefits from the sell of drugs, including chemotherapy drugs, and some of the people who work in the industry claim these drugs account for about 80% of the profits made.  In the video associated with this article, some of the cancer industry’s workers were questioned about the state of the cancer industry’s business.  The answers reflected things are going pretty well.  There’s no doubt a lot of people in the cancer industry could be out of a job if the marijuana oil does what people are saying it does.


The big manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs would be one of the other industries hit the hardest by evidence that the THC containing oil truly does what it’s proponents are saying it does.  The implications are so great, it could even start a health revolution.  If people get the idea this plant, that’s had a war against it for so long, might be able to help them get rid of cancer, with minimal negative side effects, they might loose faith in the pharmaceutical industry all together, and take responsibility for their own health, or at least look to more natural remedies.


There’s information supporting the idea that a person with cancer is likely to live longer by doing nothing than taking chemotherapy drugs;  This is specifically true with certain forms of cancer.  Some doctors say you increase your risk of getting other cancers as a result of undergoing chemotherapy.  If it’s true that marijuana oil can cure cancer, it will surely get a lot of supporters, as it can be tolerated in large quantities with almost no risk of serious injury or death, and some of the side effects being smiles and increased appetite.


In addition to the legal issues surrounding marijuana, a person considering it’s use needs to be clear, it’s not without side effects.  If you smoke it you congest your lungs and are susceptible to all of the consequences associated with the tar created by the process.  I personally believe it’s not good to inhale any kind of smoke including that from a camp fire.  As far as marijuana’s use goes, the most benefits with the least negatives would come from ingesting it, in a form that makes it’s THC bioavailable.


Anyone considering ingesting marijuana oil should also consider a few other thoughts:


You can become addicted to marijuana.  Although there is a lot of debate around this issue, anything that changes your chemistry can become a habit and be difficult to let go of.


It’s probably beneficial to be free from medicine or anything that potentially enslaves you.  This goes back to the previous consideration about not becoming dependent on something to function normally.  Learning how to be truly healthy in a natural way can alleviate most symptoms of dis ease in your life.  It’s about your body functioning optimally and not being dependent on something that may cause imbalances.


There are many other possible side effects, including short term memory loss and impaired motor skills; Marijuana may also aggravate symptoms of those with existing psychotic disorders.


The main benefit of marijuana possibly having the potential to cure some forms of cancer, may be in the insight this discovery offers.  If it does cure cancer, it will more than likely, draw attention to the amazing power of plants.  People may be inspired to grow their own medicinal herbs of all types, and give more credit to foods in general, for their ability to heal or cause disease, depending on what types of foods they are.


People may also begin to educate themselves, more than they currently do, on the subject of taking responsibility for their own health.  We may even break free from the dogmas of big pharmaceutical and chemical companies of today, that make more people sick than well.


I personally believe one of the top things you can do, to heal and keep yourself healthy, is eat a nutritionally dense, plant based diet.  If you run into a snag along the way, and need a little assistance, a good plant extract may help get you back on track.

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