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Being Authentic ~ The Fat Truth

So… You Are Thinking About Being More Authentic?

Good for you.  Truly Being Yourself will transform your life, and that’s what I’m going through right now, and want to share with you.

So Why Is It So Hard to be Real?

It’s easy to get a little lost in life and start to Act like what we THINK others want us to be.  I am definitely guilty of this.  We may also ACT like someone we’re not to get what we want in life.

Eventually we end up feeling enslaved by our own facade.  The people around us have become used to it, and we don’t even know what our REAL Self is anymore.

We are subconsciously or consciously AFRAID of what people will think if we don’t continue on being the way we’ve been ACTING.

When we first try Being Authentic it comes out a little awkward.  After all, we may be so confused about who we really are that we don’t even know where to begin or how to ACT like ourselves.

It’s easy to confuse being BLUNTLY Honest with being Authentic.  For example, you could tell me I’m not as Fit as I used to be, because you’re thinking it.  Or you could confess your sins to me, because you feel you HAVE to in order to be TRUE.

Now, it might be appropriate to confess under the right circumstances, or tell somebody something that’s hard for them to hear when they need to hear it, but that is not what makes you Authentic.

In being authentic you realize you have freedom.  That you are a particular person at your CORE, even if you don’t know everything about who you are, and that you need to be that person.

It’s the opposite of being a slave to others, or yourself.  You decide you are tired of being a Slave and you take Action to reveal your true self; Or instead of taking action to reveal your true self, you decide you’re not going to put on the act anymore.

Of course it’s easier said than done, but it’s well worth it.  It will help you to know yourself better and live a life you like better.  The most important person you be authentic with is yourself.

You have to get honest with yourself and realize you may have many contradictions inside of you.  Facing the things you don’t like about yourself, and STILL having love for yourself, is a very important part of being Authentic.

Being yourself is fun.  You don’t have to take yourself so seriously.  Laugh at yourself and get others to laugh with you.

When you need to let someone know you don’t want to continue on being a certain way that you have been being, do it.  If you don’t feel comfortable enough to come out and tell them, write them a detailed letter letting them know how you feel, and WHY you’re not going to continue allowing things to be the way they have been.

It’s okay to be passive sometimes, but Being Passive Aggressive is the opposite of being Authentic.

I took my shirt off to show you my FAT.  You probably knew I wasn’t in perfect condition anyway, but I needed you to see, for ME to be REAL.  I write about Health, Fitness and Personal Growth and I’m FAR from Perfect.

Now I’m FREE from any image I might have thought you had of me; You got to see my body with the FAT on it.

Now…  if I get OFF my AUTHENTIC Butt and do something, you’ll get to see my transformation from Fat to Fit Again.

I hope me Being Authentic inspires you to be the ONE you truly Want to be, and were Made to be.

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