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A Walking Adventure

Can Walking Be A Good Therapy?

Walking helps me sometimes.  Read the story below for a little adventure; and walking therapy.

It was about 7:00 that evening when he got out of the car. The kids were in the back and had been making a lot of noise. It was all he could take. Him and his wife had a been debating about her driving habits and she wasn’t ready to change anything. She almost smirked at him when he nagged again that she was driving to fast. “Didn’t you learn anything in all of these years I’ve been asking you to change the way you drive?” That smirk didn’t help things. “Pull the care over,” he said, and that was it. No second thoughts – He was on his way.

He was about 5 miles out of town when the thoughts about what had transpired began to process. For a short time he felt a little angry. I can’t believe she really drove away! Then he knew she had no choice. If she didn’t stop the car he might have jumped out, or at least made it appear he was going to. The anger was like fire and decisions were made. She really didn’t have a choice!, he thought. That thought gave him satisfaction.

He was a little tired but the thought of adventure illumined his mind. That’s what he liked – adventure. He knew he was a considerable distance from town, but any self pity he might have had quickly distilled into the dusk air.

I’m an athlete, he thought, and then wondered whether or not his shoes were fit for the distance. The day before they had talked about the possibility of living outside for the summer. That way they could save some money and visit her parents, in Hungary, in the fall. The thought of living outside had been exiting when they discussed it; Better than going into debt, and it’ll be an adventure. Those were some of the thoughts from the day before.

As he walked those romantic thoughts began to take on a humility. Some how the night air shadowed them with a more realistic understanding of what it meant to live outside. It was very humbling, in fact. As he walked on, everything took on a new meaning. How comfortable life has been for us. It was easy to imagine a fairy tale existence from the cozy, cushiony life inside the house. Showers, refrigerators, clean dishes and beds. How simple it was to prepare food. Working even seemed easier when you had a home, he thought, as he walked on down the highway.

What if a police officer sees me walking here and harasses me? I haven’t done anything wrong. Isn’t it better to be walking than driving anyway? How did it happen that cars had the right of way over walkers anyway, he pondered? Then he decided it was better not to think about negative situations with the police. Everyone should be given the chance to be a good person; Even a police officer. So that was it for thoughts about the police. He crossed the highway and walked on to a frontage road where it seemed a little safer to walk.

There were wild rabbits, and bones of deer here and there along the road. Did animals eat those deer down to the bone? What would he do if a wild animal were to come by him. I’m not afraid, he thought, and that made him feel good.

The air was cool as he walked along, but not cold. The spring was just arriving. The grass had begun to turn green but there were still no leaves on the trees. Living outside would make life a lot different. He thought about his exercise regime and how he used all of that energy to be stronger and faster. That’s all nice as long as you have enough food to feed your body, to help your muscles recover. That reminded him of his 3 year old, and how he was just running and jumping around with no cares about using all of that energy. Then the thoughts came of how comfortable many people live, and take it for granted. He had taken it for granted.

His feet were feeling the walk but he was happy. The night air was just about perfect for how he was dressed and the whole situation was therapeutic to his mind. I won’t be mad at my wife, he thought. That won’t serve any purpose and besides I’m happy to be walking out here. He had thought for a minute in his moments of mild rage, maybe he wouldn’t do his work anymore. He could give his wife and kids the money they had and do whatever came next. That, of course was a fleeting thought, and now he was back on to thinking how fortunate they had been.

There was so much opportunity and every sight along the walk just fed that inspiration. He wasn’t jumping up and down or scheming in his mind. What he really felt, he thought, was somehow everything was good in his life.

Reality seemed to take on some remembered understanding. It shifted and told him things he didn’t care to put words to. The Summer is coming and how beautiful those summer nights were, he thought. This is adventure!

It was special to walk for long distances. You could see everything from a different point of view; Things you didn’t even notice when you drove by them year after year. Even the familiar places took on some nostalgic wonder; especially when the sun went down. He remembered his friend had called earlier and he could call him back, because he had his phone. His friend answered but couldn’t talk at the time. That was perfect because he was enjoying his own thoughts.

A little down the road their was a giant bus with a for sale sign on it. That’s just the kind I like, he thought. Only 10,000 miles. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have much money, I’ll call and ask the price anyway. Moments later the ring was answered by the voice of an older gentleman. “84,000 dollars and it’s immaculate inside,” said the man on the phone. Not likely the lad would be buying something for that price any time soon, but it was fun to imagine; And who knew anyway? Anything was possible!

He was in a meditative state by this time. He felt like he was in a story, and it was being told to him as he lived it. He walked on and saw some familiarities as he drew closer to his neighborhood. There was the biggest, most awesome tree he’d never noticed, but was compelled to touch and say some words to. “You sure are awesome,” he said, as he leaned against it with his palm.

Walking on a little further he stared at a house for several moments before noticing it was the house his cousin used to live in. How much the character of a house changes with a new person residing in it.

He turned the last corner of the walk onto the street where the hospital was, just down from his apartment. Back to the easy life and green smoothies for now, he thought. The phone rang and it was his wife. Would he pretend to be mad? “No,” he thought. “How are you,” said the voice on the line. “Fine!,” was the answer back, almost with a chuckle. That’s what my life is!, he thought, An adventure!

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